Monday, November 21, 2011

Awake my soul and sing

Things I'm thankful for:

a. braham Justice whom I got to meet and hold last night :)
b. rother whom I get to see on Thursday :)
c. offee
d. evos
e. xpressions
f. riendship
g. race
h. ugs from dads who love me like a daughter
i. nspiration
j. esus
k. ids
l. aughter
m. om and dad
n. aps
o. il changes
p. rayer
q. uilts
r. oots and all the little rugrats I teach Jesus to
s. unshine
t. v. (Biggest Loser, Parenthood, Last Man Standing, Up all Night, Grey's, Degrassi and other shows that will come back in Jan :))
u. niqueness
v. egetables
w. ater for washing away my feelings
x. marks the spot treasure hunts
y. ou
z. oo lights that I really wanna see

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