Friday, November 25, 2011

No Shopping for me

This week has been crazy!!! Monday and Tuesday I babysat a 4 yr old girl name Anna. Wednesday I went down to my grandmas with my mom. Before that she decided to go shopping. Needless to say I wanted to RIP MY HAIR OUT because I wasnt in one of my moods to shop haha. Yesterday I ate so much food Im surprised I woke up this morning haha.

I finally saw Breaking Dawn last night..and let me say this---I would NEVER let my sister-in-law cut me open to get the baby out!! If you havent watched it yet, sorry I just said that, but boy that is the TRUTH!!

Today I am going to a wedding for a high school friend and of course working out here. Just gotta wait for the gym to open!!

Sooo my body woke me up yesterday AND today at 540. SERIOUSLY?! Why can I NEVER sleep in anymore?! :( I dont have a kid so its not like any other human is wanting my attention haha

9 days till my birthday :)

Im hoping I get to see the LOVELY Ruth aka Redsoxwife soon :)

I am going on a date next Saturday.....first date EVER in my life. Wow I wanna throw up and I still have 8 days till it happens! haha

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