Thursday, May 6, 2010


I've been back home since yesterday. I honestly want to either 1)be in Toledo 2) be in heaven or 3)be in NJ right now. I'm so lonely. I have no friends. I hate being home alone. I wanna get out STAT!!
This morning I was unpacking some of my stuff from college and realized I have WAY TOO MANY BOOKS. Old books from when I was younger, textbooks, Christian Books, random books, Children books for my classroom when I get one. I have decided to go through SLOWLY and get rid of stuff that I seriously don't need. Why keep things that have no passion in my life anymore? My relationship with God has to be like that. I have to get rid of the clutter and the stuff that is old and I don't need anymore. I have to clean up my life in order to get more and more fulfillment from God. He is the only thing that can notice me. He is the only thing I need in life. I have to CLING to Him and realize that he doesn't notice the baggage like I do in my room. He just sees me dripping in His blood and washing away ALL the sins that I have committed and the sins that will commit. Jesus, thanks for dying on that Cross and taking away all of my sins. Thanks for LOVING me so much that you let me come back each and everytime I don't feel or know that I am adequate to be loved by you.

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