Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Inner Thoughts

This week has honestly been awful. Classes are all over. I have one final holding me back till Summer. I am basically done with Senior Year Number One. I mean I should be studying for the final I have on Monday, but honestly I've put in around 18 hrs already so I figured this is a break. I am done with my first grade placement and I am going to miss those kids like CRAZY!! I have 31 days till I am in New Jersey and learning so much.
I honestly have been struggling so much this week. I hate the way I look. I wanna be thinner and more beautiful. I've had so many mind games go on in my head that I have even let Satan win a few times. I just want to be set free and I feel like God isn't answering my prayers. I'm praying that he changes my heart, my mind, my sight so that I am free from this, so that I can see myself as beautiful and I dont care what I look like. Also I am really struggling with the whole single thing. I am content but Im starting to freak out that I am not going to find the guy that God has for me. God where are you in the mist of all the toils in my life??

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