Friday, May 28, 2010

The Time Has Come

11 A.M. on Monday May 31st, 2010 I will climb into my car for Wildwood, NJ. I have my bags packed(except for the few last loads of laundry I need to accomplish) I have to charge my MP3 player and finish cleaning up my bedroom. I keep thinking in my mind if my heart is seriously prepared for this. I was talking to one of my staff on the phone today from school, Jessi, and it is so surreal to me that I am leaving at the end of this weekend. I still need to hang out with my brother, my friend Beth and Laura and Jessica and others. I still need to say goodbye to church family. I need to call a friend, my grandparents. I have all my errands done. I feel like I don't have everything ready but yet on my floor in my room is my things all neatly piled up ready for me to pack it into the car and head to a state I was called to go to. I can't freak out anymore. I must let go. Let go of the fears and the anxiety that is pouring through my blood. I AM leaving on Monday. I have ALL my support raised :) I have prepared myself the best that I can. I just have to take my things, my car and my mind and let God do the rest. I am expecting the Lord to do crazy things this summer. I'm diving into this summer with my knees smacking together and my arms strectched out. I am letting God take FULL control of my summer. I am giving Him my ALL. I want Him to wreck me, to let the joy pour into my heart. I know it is going to be challenging. I know I am going to miss friends and family, but I have to obey my Savior. He is going to win my heart all over again this summer. Lord, take all of me. I am letting you have YOUR way with me!!!

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