Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last bits of home

The month of May has been flying by. I need to finish packing and making sure I have everything before I leave for NJ next Tuesday at 3 A.M. I am ready for new adventures, sunshine, crisp humid air, God's masterpiece called an Ocean and other stuff I will come into contact this summer. I am anxious to get to project and seeing what all the Lord does in my heart and mind. I am ready to see what happens to the lifes out there. I am nervous to tell others my story and even to see what God does in my life. I am a little sad to leave friends and dear sweet children that are close to my heart, but I know the Lord has called me to go project and he is going to forever change my heart and life.

Must get back to laundry, packing, organizing and beautfiul sunshine that is creeping in through my window.

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