Monday, May 17, 2010


I'm starting to really hate home. I feel way bored. I feel like I just sit and do nothing. I hate the rain. I hate that it is cold. I need adventure and something fun to do. I have 15 more days in Ohio. AHHH Im so excited to get out of here and to see what all God has in store for me this summer. I have 83% raised as well. O yeah!! I'm still nervous to see what all happens this summer but I know it will be good.
I am starting to feel so tired lately. I sleep and stuff but I dont know. I always feel tired. I am not a nap person either. I have been really struggling with how I look lately. I am in a wedding this summer and there is two other bridesmaids. They are both so much prettier and thinner than me. I felt so huge compared to the other two. I hope that I lose weight before the wedding so I feel okay about myself. I still need to find a date but I dont know who to ask. Maybe I will just go solo. That is always fun! NOT! I am really hoping when I am on project the Lord does crazy things in my life, in my heart. I am ready for change. I am ready to see what all he has in store for me while I am there. I am just so ready to move on and get freedom from stuff. Ready to see beauty inside of me. Ready to experience Joy again. Ready to see what he has in store for me after i graduate next may.

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