Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Check In

Right Now I am obsessed with a Christian rapper called Lecrae. I LOVE this song I just found: It is called Check in! LOVE it! You should check it out!
I did 4 miles on a treadmill today. I feel like a turtle. I did it in 46ish minutes. Can we say a snail could have caught up to me?!
I had to call Triple A today because my car wouldnt start--had to get a brand new battery :( Praise the Lord my mom would so loving and she got it for me!! Thanks Mom!!
Going for pancakes tonight with my bible study. Last one EVER in college. It is so sad to think in 11 days I graduate. I am starting to get weepy just thinking about it. Its a milestone I am going to HAVE to make it through..its my first one without dad. IDK if I can make it. I almost just want to stay in college forever.
I am LOVING spring break. I went to grandmas and hung out with her for a few days. I got to see my best friend in Columbus and then my best friend here at school stayed over last night and we talked and watched Tangled. Pray I find a summer job, because right now I feel like I am having NO luck and I want to cry.
I am attempting to make a cheesecake tomorrow. Wish me LUCK! Does anyone ever read my blog? I feel like I write just for the heck of it? O well its okay. I just want someone out there to see the Love I have for Jesus and want to have that same relationship.


Emily said...

LOVE your blog :) you have such a beautiful heart!!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I read your blog!
4 miles is 4 miles...whatever the pace! Great job!
11 days to graduation is great, I know it will be tough but you're heading onto such a wonderful new stage of your life.
Good luck with the cheesecake! I've never tried making one before (mostly because then I KNOW I would eat it at once!)

[Red Sox] Wife said...

oooh cheesecake is SO SO fun to make!!! my sisters and i always try to swirl it with something fun :) post pics of it!! I love your blog, girly!! 4 miles is AWE.SOME.