Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Feeling Restless

My eyes are quite red. I feel like I cry EVERY.SINGLE.DAY of my life. I failed my Praxis 2 by 4 POINTS boo!! I am so disappointed, so discouraged. No teaching job for my this coming school year for sure :(
I miss dad like there is nothing else that matters.
I am seriously craving a relationship--to put it more in words engagement. I feel like everyone around me is getting engaged and I'm not. I am feeling so sad and so lonely. I feel like the guy God has for me isnt out there and I will NEVER find him :(
12 days left of wearing my one dress for a month. so insane. ahhh!!
My spring break is in 10 days. and it seriously cant come any faster. I am so ready for it.
I need a summer job--no luck.
So I am a HUGE bookworm---like if I could I would LIVE in a library and read for the rest of my life. I need some books to read for this summer-READY.SET.GO name some for me!!

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[Red Sox] Wife said...

ha! praxis is SO overrated... I think I barely passed by like a point. the good news is you can re-take it within 90 days or something and get a discount the second time around. thanks for the comment on my blog and good luck on your post-graduation life :) you will have the rest of your life to work and be married and all that jazz, so enjoy being single and carefree while you can!