Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Sunday I ran my first 5k. I survived. Im still a little sore. I ran it in 31:59 I am quite proud of myself. I def. almost puked a little after mile 2, but I didn't.
Only two more days until spring break and I CANT wait :)
I am quite homesick right now. I miss home and dad and everything about my hometown.
I really need to lose some weight. I dont eat pasta, breads(very rarely), red meat, rice, or sweets(very rarely) and yet I still feel like I could improve my looks and such. It is so hard to be content with how I look, especially when I feel like I dont agree with how God made me to be. I know that I am suppose to be content and know that I was fearfully and wonderfully made but its so incredibly hard.
I am really struggling with being single. I just want to find the one God has for me, and its hard to wait and be patient until His timing happens.

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[Red Sox] Wife said...

okay 1) losing weight is ALL about eating MORE!! more veggies, more fruit, more complex carbs... thats the way to lose weight (which it doesn't look like you need to do, but it also makes you feel better!)

2) CONGRATS on your first 5k!!! that is HUGE!!! I remember thinking that the first time i ran one it was SO HARD!! it will get easier!!

enjoy your spring break! I recommend kara gouchers new book if youre looking for a running read, if not... then i don't know anything other than that :) sorry.

3) you are SO young, my dear!!! you will have your WHOLE life to be married...enjoy being single and as selfish as you want to be! date around! spend money on/spoil yourself! you deserve it (at least until you have someone(s) else you have to share all that with!)

4) you are BEAUTIFUL!!!!