Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot Chocolate

I wish I knew how to post pictures onto my blog. Or else I would show you my One dress for one month. and my hot chocolate I just made in my pretty blue mug.
It is so insane to think that I am going to end my LAST semester of college with a 4.0 Can I just say-HOLY cow thanks God!!!
I am almost to Spring Break, and yet next week it is suppose to booo
I am going to see my Grandma and I am so excited. My grandpa passed away Dec. 7th and I miss him greatly, and yet my grandma is doing so insanely well. She is such a strong woman of the Lord and I am so inspired by her.
I need a work out buddy to help me run a lot more and keep me accountable with my work out schedule. I wish someone would help me. O and a eating accountability partner. Boo I just wish that the blog world all lived like right next door to each other :(
I cant believe I graduate in 18 days. MIND.BLOWING!!! I only have two more bible studies, two more Cru's and only like 2 more weekends of being a college student. Whoa!! I really do wish I was engaged and getting married(because I feel like that is the trend of graduating college=degree=marriage) but nope not this person. It is so hard to trust God. Any advice out there?


caitlin said...

good for you girl for ending college with a 4.0! what an accomplishment- ps your hot cocoa sounds amazing- i may go make some right now! xo

Jennifer Rod said...

hey there... to post pictures on your blog, when you are posting a new post there's a little toolbar there that has a picture. if you click on it, it should let you upload a photo. for best results try uploading pictures for your blog to picasa web albums. when using gmail, you can click on the tab on top that says photos and thats the place. hope it helps. :)