Saturday, April 23, 2011


It is seriously SOOO beautiful today!!! I went on a walk with my friend Nickie and we went on a stroll while walking the dogs. 3 miles baby. She even took me to a workout class. I did Insanity today. Can I just say that I about died?! And Shawn is INSANE!!! I can now say that I tried it. haha
I feel like a turtle lately. I dont really want to workout. or eat. or run. or redo a paper I need to fix. I am also sitting here with my head resting on a turtle stuffed animal that my mom has on her futon couch. yes we have one for a couch at home.
Question: Is it bad that my stomach is bloated from drinking 2 bottles of water? I also had 3 glasses at lunch today. I think I hit the quota of water for the day already and its not even dinner yet! haha My mom is taking me to dinner and then we're going to watch HP while I work on my paper. BOOOO.
I need some book titles because I am on break and need something to entertain me :)

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Nice job on Insanity! That workout is TOUGH. I've tried it, but never done it consistently.