Thursday, April 28, 2011

I think it's suppose to look like this?

I am hoping these pictures show up on my blog! So the second one is me and one of the days I wore my One Dress one Month. The womens basketball team was in the championship and I of course went and took my dress with me! I ended it on Sunday. I am so glad I did this. It was such an opportunity I will NEVER forget. I pray for those women every day of my life. I def. dont know what I would do if I was in that situation. I would def. need God in my life.

Soo the First picture-- It is my cheesecake I made. I think it looks AWFUL. I do live in an apartment and dont have a sweet oven and it tends to burn things. I kind of want to cry bc it looks awful. Hopefully it tastes okay. Or else I will def hate myself. I tried SOO hard.

Ok so this is going to be a vent and I hope noone hates me for this: Soo if you havent read all of my entries, then you may not know this:On Feb. 2nd, 2009 I lost my dad to thyroid cancer, and with graduation coming up in 10 days(o man I can use TWO hands to count) I am really craving for my dad. This is my first milestone in my life to accomplish without dad here. I have to keep pausing to type because I am FIGHTING back tears. I hate living alone. I hate being single. I hate feeling so alone and abandoned. I DONT want to graduate and leave this community I have. This SUCKS. I want to be thinner(Im HUGE) and I just want someone to like me. Sorry if I made you become sad or worried about me. Hopefully I dont blow away with all the wind we have going on in Ohio.


[Red Sox] Wife said...

no way! where in ohio do you live?? I am from Dublin (NW of Cbus). I think your cheesecake looks adorable! think positive, my dear!! you are blessed with supercuteness, mad cooking skills... its only a matter of time till you are wisked off your feet :) the man upstairs loves you more than you can ever imagine and made you in HIS image and that is SO beautiful!! your daddy is certainly smiling at you as you are making this next big step in life, and I am sure he is SO SO proud of you!! keep making him proud and remember (As cliche as it sounds) you have to love yourself before you can allow someone to love you back :) hope the rest of your week is better!!! xx

[Red Sox] Wife said...

haha omg i love SANDUSKY!! wahoo cedar point!! my sister's friend Brian goes to Toledo :)

Have Your Way said...

hahaha I dont mind Sandusky that much either!! O Toledo!!! Im so glad someone knows Ohio in this blog world!!!

Jennifer Rod said...

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! It's a great accomplishment that I think your Dad would be so proud of. I know it's sad he is not around to watch you walk down and get your diploma, but i think it's a great thing to dedicate to him. God will walk you through and help you do your dad the honors of graduating and continuing forward when you've had such a monumental loss. I commend you young lady for being so brave. I pray you make it though beautifully!