Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 10

I have worn my dress for 10 days now. Well Today is day ten. My dress has gone to student teaching with me, to church, to class, to Cru, to an ice cream shop, grocery shopping, and now my dress is going to go to a basketball game today. UT is in the girls championship game today against USC.

Toledo is in the top five for sex trafficking. In Perrysburg, there is a nonprofit organization that is raising money to build a house for the girls who are in freedom. I go to Campus Crusade for Christ at my campus and a bunch of girls and I are wearing One dress for One Month to help show awareness for this and to take a stand for the women who can't stand for themselves.

I can't believe in 15 days I am running my first 5k ever in my life. I can't believe in 5 weeks and 1 day I will be a college graduate. I cant believe in 2- days I will FINALLY have my spring break!!! I still dont know what I am doing after I graduate but you know what I am just trusting God and leaning on him for my future. Until then, I am going to pray, trust and have faith. Everything will work out from the good of my Lord.

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