Thursday, January 12, 2012

Daniel Fast 10

Subbing wasn't too bad yesterday. The 3rd graders were pretty good actually! I ended up tutoring for like 10 minutes yesterday because the girl was like really late. I was really annoyed. I wished the mom would have called me. For dinner last night I ate vegetarian style at Chipotle. It was YUMMY! I was even full when I was done :)

Today is my last day of the fast. We are now only doing a 10 day fast and I have really learned alot about the Lord and myself these past 10 days. I have learned to cling to Jesus, to see that he is the one that holds me up in any situation. Today's reading is from Luke 4. Yes I have been tempted by many things during this fast. I have been strong. I have a new look on foods. I know that I do have some issues with sweets and I do want to cut them out of my life for a while longer so I am going to do that.

Nothing has popped up on the sub website this morning :( So it looks like I am going to the gym, doing some laundry and being a loser today! It's okay though. I dont have money to spend so its alright with me.

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