Sunday, January 8, 2012

Daniel Fast 5

Well yesterday was really fun!! I met up with my friend Alana in Toledo and we grabbed breakfast. We went to Bob Evan's and I got the fruit plate. The waitress YELLED at me because I didnt eat my yogurt. I was full and I couldnt say O I cant eat it right now! haha She made me take home my bread though.
The wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!! I am so excited for John and Kerri! On the way over to the church I ate like 10 cashews that were in my car and then at the reception I ate the veggies--green beans, corn, potatoes and carrots. YUM. I was SOO sad I couldnt eat the pie :( I was like drooling over all of it :(

Today's reading is from Isaiah 58. This reading was really good. IT helped me to think about that I am NOT doing this fast for just myself. I am doing this to strength my relationship with the Lord and to change how to I view the Lord and what he does in my life. I know that the Lord is working on my heart and my mind. He is doing what he is SUPPOSE to do!!

Today is church and who knows what else? I know I am going to bed early tonight. Gotta get up at 530 tomorrow :( I'll post later what I did and how my eats were.

Edit 1:02
Church was good, but I felt really lonely and unloved today at church. I just wish I had a boyfriend sometimes :/

B-few strawberries
l-few slices of dried mangoes, 1/4 cup of trail mix, dried pineapples.

I am so famished right now, and tired, and just want something to do.

Edit 4:39
I took an hour nap...still feel exhausted and blah. I have already eaten dinner..sweet potato, some peas with some nuts thrown on top and then a few pickle slices. I am going to watch another sermon, take a shower and go to bed early. I am SOO tired

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