Saturday, January 7, 2012

Daniel fast Day 5 I was having a relaxing night last night and around 830 I got a HUGE headache. I seriously couldn't handle it. I had to take some medicine. I ended up having to eat an apple with natural peanut butter and a bowl of Special K cereal. yes I cheated. I had to. I knew if I ate real food it would help with the medicine to get through my blood stream faster. Today is a brand new day, and I AM going to do better today.

Today's bible reading is from Matthew 6:5-18. It first talks about praying, and how to pray. It then goes into fasting and what to do. I do have a few friends who think I am INSANE for doing this. I am doing this to grow in my relationship with the Lord. I am working on some areas in my life that I struggle with and it is really helping me to seek the Lord more in my walk.

I am driving to Toledo to meet up with a friend for breakfast(this shall be interesting) and then I am going to a wedding(dinner tonight will be even MORE interesting!!) I am excited to see friends from college and to see two of my friends start a Godly marriage :) Off to finish getting ready!!! I will post tomorrow morning what I ate and such!!!

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