Friday, January 20, 2012

Substitute experience

I finally got to sub today. I havent gotten anything since last Wednesday. I was in a kindergarten classroom. First off I get there and the teacher is there. She tells me where things are and some about her lesson. Secondly she has three birds, a frog and a toad in her classroom. Warns me about if the students get too loud, the bird name Baby will go insane. Im thinking what the heck?! 930 rolls around and the students are split into their reading groups. All of a sudden, a little boy throws up all over the desk, his assignment. Its EVERYWHERE. I buzz the office and they send someone down. Thank goodness he wasnt in my group. One of the other teachers in there handled it. We had indoor recess and they were going to watch Diego. Well we got done with math a few minutes early, so I decided to just play the movie earlier. Well all of a sudden a yearbook photographer waltz in, asking if they had done their centers. I said yes. She then wants to do candid pictures of the students. you NOT see them sitting here QUIETLY watching a movie. I was so annoyed and then they wouldnt get quiet after she left. UGH! Afternoon was pretty uneventful. It was quite an adventure and lets say I wanted to share it with you. Ive never dealt with any of that before, so needless to say it was quite a humorous day! haha

Chaperoning a youth group event in Columbus tomorrow. Sunday is church and hanging out with one of my friends. I am excited for this weekend. Im sure it will be going quick!!! Be careful with all the snow out there(if you have any) stay warm and watch lots of movies to entertain yourself :)

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