Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Daniel Fast 9

Today's reading is from Romans 12. I need to continue to seek the Lord in the last 12 days. I know that the Lord will one day reveal to me the plan He has for my life. I have to hold tight to that truth. This fast is really helping me to see that I need to rely on God and God only for all my wants, needs and desires. I know that the Lord is the only one that I need in this life.

Today I am either subbing or going to the gym at 8 to run a mile or 3 and do a spinning class. I am tutoring at 430 and then have youth group tonight. I am ready to see what the Lord will do in the lives of these students this month, this year!!

I gotta be real about this fast. I am so tired of eating the same foods. I am tired of being hungry. I just really want some real food soon. I am always experiencing slight headaches every night around an hour or so before I go to bed. They really suck to be honest.

Edit 11:05 AM

I went to the gym, ran a mile to warm up, and then did a spinning class. I definitely think my legs were going to fall off!! hahah I am off to sub a half day in a 3rd grade class. I am excited to make some money today.

B-apple with natural pb
l-nuts and a few strawberries

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