Monday, January 9, 2012

Daniel Fast Day 7

Yesterday's title should have said 6, but apparently I can't think when I'm that tired so cut me some slack! haha

Have no sub position for today yet :( To all my teacher friends out there, how do I NOT get discouraged about subbing. I hate that everyday I have to check a website for hours on end. Some days I dont find ANYTHING. I am starting to feel as if I am NEVER going to find a teaching job. I love children, teaching and everything else about it, but gosh darn I am just over the whole subbing thing. Either this week or next week I am going to start looking for a part time/summer job because I really need the extra money. I need to start saving for my other loans that I will have to start paying eventually.

Today's bible reading is from Mark 14:1-26. This is talking about being broken and pouring out my life to the Lord. I need to be like the vase of perfume that was shattered and poured over Jesus. I have to share my life with God, even though He already knows. I know I will be working on this in my walk with the Lord.

Today I will be going to the gym, maybe some chores, and having a phone date with my friend Sam!! I am really excited to chat with her today!!!

Edit- 6:13
I subbed 2nd grade today. It wasnt too bad. After school I got to chat with a friend for about a half an hour. I went to the gym ran 1 mile(legs TIGHT), biked for a mile and then did spinning! So insane!!
B-apple with pb
l-orange, 1/4 cup of nuts, few bites of dried apricots,
d-some peas with some nuts, apple with pb, a few slices of pickle, and a 1/4 cup of trail mix nuts


Sara said...

re: subbing, I don't know how you do it! I never have had to sub... I lucked out and got a job right out of college.

However, you do have the luxury of never doing lesson plans, never having to take anything home, getting to leave right when the bell rings, and if there's a class or child that you really don't get along with at all, you can just not sub there again. Try to think on the bright side!

jennifer blair said...

I've always wanted to try the Daniel fast!