Friday, January 6, 2012

Daniel Fast 4

Well a few hours after I got home from tutoring, I felt so famished I had to eat I ate an apple with some natural peanut butter and some nuts. I feel pretty good this morning. Kinda feel like I have a headache coming on, but its not really bad. Its really faint in my head right now. The past two days I have constantly been feeling SUPER hungry. I feel as if I could eat a baby elephant. That is HOW hungry I am!! I definitely can't wait until I can eat meat again. I know that I am cutting breads and sweets out for another while after this fast is over. I LOVE them too much, and I can go without them for another while.

The reading today is from Psalm 119. This is by far the reading that really had gotten to me. It is the longest chapter in the Bible. I LOVE a bunch of these verses. I have to keep trusting the Lord. His unfailing love is going to get me through this. I know that he will!! I know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord is helping me through all of this. I am believing in His word, His truth throughout all of this!! No idea what I am doing today. Nothing has popped up for subbing today. I know I am going to the gym to work out, but who knows what I am doing the rest of the day if I don't sub. Be a bum which I HATE to do. Does anyone out there have any suggestions of hobbies I can pick up? I would love something to do besides just sitting on my computer doing nothing all day.

I didnt get any sub position today :( I did go to the gym, was there for almost 2 hours, ran to the post office, came home did nothing, ran to Target and now just sitting here on my butt!
B-apple w natural peanut butter
l-some veggies with nuts thrown in, olives
d-peas with almonds thrown on top, some olives and some pickles. O I cant forget my few pieces of kiwi with some strawberries!!

Yes I know that I am SOOO very weird with my food.

I am sooo tired of seeing crazy amazing food commercials. I want frozen yogurt, apple bees, Olive garden, a BURGER, sweet potato fries. Can I PLEASE just eat amazing food?! O and then I was told today that I look fat. Well thanks lady at the gym, that is why I am here working out, so I can LOSE weight :(

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