Thursday, January 5, 2012

Daniel Fast 3

Today's reading is Daniel 1. Its so cool to think that Daniel refused to eat what the King wanted him to eat. They challenged themselves, their walk wit the Lord in order to better their relationship with God.

Well last night for dinner I ate some dried fruit and some cashews. Well then, my stomach really started to hurt. I felt dizzy, sick to my stomach. I ended up throwing up. I think I may eat a normal breakfast today, being really careful of what I eat. It really made me nervous. The youth pastor has been sick for two days now, but he is pop/coffee/tea addict so we think its from withdrawls of that. I on the other hand, dont drink any of that so no worries with that. I think I either drank too much water, my body is rejecting me, or Satan was attacking me.

Well IDK if Im subbing today. If I dont, I am meeting up with a friend and we're hanging out, maybe meeting with the youth pastor to talk about some stuff, and then tutoring at 4:30. Right now, all I wanna do is sleep and feel better.

Doubt it Im working out today. My body is REALLY sore. Like I wanna cry Im in so much pain. Ill check back in later with how I did and what I ate and all that.

I did sub today. First grade is was an okay day. I did feel normal today, so that is good. I ate a few strawberries for orange, some nuts, and some dried mango pieces for lunch...and when i got home i ate some nuts, two slices of the dried mango, some steamed veggies and then some strawberries/kiwis. I seriously felt SO famished!! I def. dont feel very satisfied with my meals today. I am tutoring in a little bit and then Ill come home, shower, watch Grey's and go to bed!!

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