Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I I love you like a love song baby

This weekend was really uneventful. Babysat Friday and Saturday. I baked both nights with the kids I watched. I went to a baby shower Sunday. I have eaten sweets Sunday and yesterday. Dumb period. I loathe you. I always feel so huge and whale like. It makes me feel as if I weight 100 more pounds than I do and I never wanna eat when I am on it because I feel as if I am gaining weight by the second. Yes I am a weird one.

I have fallen in love with the class of spinning. I LOVE it!! I am always like the youngest person in the class but its okay. Its a good workout. Speaking of spinning this is a weird story. So in the summer of 07 I worked at the Great Wolf Lodge as a lifeguard and met a boy that summer. We talked that whole Fall semester of my sophomore year. He lived in TX, me in Sandusky. Well, low and behold, his lovely mother was at the same spin class as me and I met her yesterday. She is such a sweet lady. I still am friends with Matt. Its just funny that almost 5 years later I run into his family wherever I go.

I have decided to keep breads, chips, and sweets(for the most part) out of my diet. I really need to work on losing some more of the nastyness around my stomach. I just feel so ugly all the dang time. I am so jealous of the girls who have flat stomachs. Who can wear bikinis. Who feel confident in their own skin.

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