Friday, January 27, 2012

I feel it in my bones

Last weekend was pretty good. The youth group trip to Columbus was good. We did have to drive down in some yucky weather, but we survived. The event was pretty good. I did learn some things, so I thought that was pretty beneficial. I always like growing in my walk with the Lord. I did have a little breakdown when another girl was talking about how she had lost her dad in Nov. I just lost it. It was pretty rough.

This week I subbed Monday and Wednesday. I ran 3 miles without stopping on Monday!! I was so proud of myself. I walked the last mile because I started to cough alot. The only downfall of being sick with a cold right now. But I toughed out 3 miles. WHOO!! I have fallen in love with spinning and I am really trying to work on toning up my arms again. I used to have some define muscle in my arms from gymnastics. Now they just look boring and UGLY. My life has been pretty boring this week. Doing laundry, some cleaning, getting my shows cancelled on Tuesday bc of the dumb President thing on TV. Which I dont really care about because I dont like politics and I really dont understand anything that is going on so take that Mr. President.

Well I am going to go take my little cant sleep body around the internet some more. Nothing really planned for the weekend. I live a very boring life. Someone should suggest some books to read, or recipes to make, or a new hobby to try, or better yet I should come visit you and become a new running buddy! Yeah!!

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